Legacy Ledger
"The Business Owners Action Plan To Making An Impact Whilst Making An Income"
You’ll discover the methods that Australia’s leading female business owners have added into their business to make an impact whilst they make an income. You will discover 7 principals you can implement right now to give back right, even if you aren’t hitting the million dollar make as yet.
Helping improve your community or bolster a cause you believe in is probably the most satisfying way there is to market your business.
In this legacy ledger, I'll show you:
Why you don’t need to wait until you hit the SIX FIGURE MARK before you give back to the human family
Legacy Ledger
The (surprising) important concept you need to add into your business so you can give back and get the recognistion for it
What  big corporate companies dO BUT DON'T TALK ABOUT TO makE an impact whilst making an income
When you should review your business to make sure you are on target (this goes against what the online baby gurus tell you)


I’m Kim, Founder & CEO as Aspiration Coaching Services. I’m a People, Processes and Profits expert and Mentor. I help purposeful, passionate, powerhouse female business owners break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses. 

I know women in business want to do more than just be a business owner. They want to be a change maker for their clients, their industry and the world!

But there just hasn't been a way to make a real difference whilst you are still building your business and don't have the cash flow to finance big philanthropic projects.

Until Now!  
THE LEGACY LEDGER reveals 7 action steps you can do right now to start to make an impact with your business. 

It allows you to see you can make simple changes to leverage your skills, knowledge and expertise to help others without selling your soul or giving away all your profits.

Without it, you could waste your time trying to come up with ways that you can contribute, always thinking, 'I should be doing more'.

With it, you can have a foundational plan created so you can turn your business into a company that contributes right now.

Actioning your own plan can change the entire legacy of your business.

Because it isn't just about the money...

Kim x 
Turn your business into one that contributes right now (even if you haven't hit the six figure mark yet!)